The Battle on the Bridge is the dramatic focal point of the weekend, and always takes place at noon on Mayday (Bank Holiday Monday). The Green Man and Ice Queen each have their entourage and approach the Bridge in procession from opposite sides. The Green Man comes down the hill from the Church with the May Queen, whilst the Frost Queen descends Bridge Street with her little icicles.  There follows a stand off!Get 'er, Greenie

Green Man: Hear me, O cruel Frost Queen, ruler of winters stark and mean: I have uprisen with the warming sun, to assert my power in this Vale of Clun ...
Hear me now, this charge I lay: release the summer this very day. Hear my words addressed to thee, for this is my will; so must it be.   (CHEER)

Green Man Echo: Hear him now this charge to lay:  Of the green, of the potent green. Release the summer this very day. Give us the green for our merry Queen!  (CHEER)

Frost Queen: I, the Queen of Winter's ice, scorn to tremble at your strut; disdain the sweat of your command, for aye I will speak bold. Clun's my throne, my great stronghold. I reign here; submit to me, bend your knee or turn and flee! You shan't be out in the woods tonight, a-conjuring your summer in. For I'll not allow it, I'll plain forbid it. I reign the day, and you Green Man, must hence away.   (BOO)

Icicles Echo: Hear her words and bow at last, or banished be and frozen fast. She's the great one, our icy queen - she'll triumph over your sickly green.  (BOO)

Green Man: But you cannot forbid what's beyond your control, and you cannot compete with my mighty maypole. I vanquish thy ice breath and unseasoned cold: I destroy this last grip of winter's hold. For mine hour is come. With the summer's sun I banish thee, Ice Queen. Thy day is done - be gone!  (CHEER)

(Swords clash until the Frost Queen and Icicles flee).

Green Man (three times):  Hail, the Queen of the May!

May Queen: Mine is the beauty of the green earth and the fullness thereof. For I am the bringer of all fruitfulness unto thee. By the moonray's shaft of silver power, by the green leaf breaking from the bud, by the seed that springeth into flower, by the life that courses in the blood, I invoke the power of land and tree, and call on rain and sun. I speak the word and it is done.

Green Man: Come people of Clun, let it be so, for I am among thee and maketh things grow. And to show you merriment by the hour, let us now revel in the sun's summer power.  (CHEER)

The Green Man and May Queen then proceed to the Castle Grounds where the Green Man declares the May Fair open.